How to get quality bank link to high your page rank

Published: 02nd March 2011
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Quality backlinks are the key to your web site noticed by Google. You have a great site, optimized for your target keywords you acted a few links with friends, but you still do not see Google for a few years.

You need to do to consistently get the word out about your site and then add high quality content on relevant sites across the Web. This will provide direct access to your web site, but above all it is quality back links that create Google crawl. Google will then go to your site and index the information on your pages. The more quality back links you create, the more Google will continue to come back to your website.

Are you an expert in your industry, do you? Who better to write the article content about your seo india products, services or industry experience? Try 1 article a week at first, which are keywords you are trying to rank for. For example, if you sell gold fish, write an article about how to take gold fish instead. Send your article to sites like EzineArticles and Article Base. These articles have information about sites, how to correctly write your article so please read the guidance before the publication of your first.

Forum posts are a great way to build quality back links as well. Seo company india forums in your industry, find topics that make sense to you, and Join the conversation. Leave your business card so people can see what you own site and where they can go if they want to discuss the issue further. Start to start your own post, a conversation. If you are the Moderator, you have more relevance in Google's eyes.

Read and comment on blogs. If your thoughts with other relevant blogs, many will leave resource information, which your backlink is included. Google loves blogs as its content remains current and that makes your information more useful to its users. There are a lot of great blog sites out there, and probably thousands in your industry so already get posting.

Use social book marks like Digg to bookmark pages on your site, you are informative, book mark external articles, blog, forum and links, and believe. They are certainly a few good backlinks here.

Submit to directories. Directories not to carry so much weight, how to use it, but if you in an appropriate category on an older highly relevant directory, you will be the quality back links you have recently received. Google likes quality links, which have been for a while. Links that appear and disappear in a few months, like spam appear on Google and you can get punished for this. So who go and see how old the place is really, check out Alexa for traffic information. Directories that are new and no real traffic history can be a waste of time.

Set the quality of related sites that you add you can use the information to one of their pages. Explain what the benefits of adding your back link to their website. If you have information of interest to their users Tell the owner of the site, the information would benefit your users and you can add your link back.

You must be patient when you back links to see the results. It can take up to several months before any real return for your efforts. If you constantly work on building quality back links, you will see weekly return on Google for your hard work if you are persistent.

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